Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Express yourself don't repress yourself


So, this is a bit of a first for me. I'm not usually an everyday blogger. It's just not how I role. Usually I have so much ish to do I'm lucky to get in the one blog a week.

But, this week...? It's on like Donkey Kong. I must be butter…‘cause I’m on a roll. Now let's get it goin'.

Earlier today I got asked two very interesting questions. First I was asked, "Why do you write such dark stuff? Your romance is dark and sometimes so is your humor."

Next, someone said, after reading some of my work, "Wow! Reading your work is exactly like talking to you. Not really in charge of your filter are you?"

After letting out a string of expletives and unsavory things about both people’s mothers—just kidding, I only said something about one's mother. Lol! Wink, wink. I'll let you decide if I really did either of those.

The point of this blog is: these questions got me thinking about how I write, how others write, and what readers prefer.

Over the years, my writing has progressed and grown, but one thing has remained the same: I write what comes to my mind no matter how dark, dirty, raunchy, sad, goofy, taboo, or controversial. I've always enjoyed pushing the boundaries, testing the limits. It’s my firm belief that true gems of greatness come from people who dared to step outside the box.

I allow my words to flow freely then edit for offense later, which means I pretty much don’t cut anything. I mean, think about it, no one ever put down a book, a content smile stretching their lips and said, “That was the most amazing, politically correct piece of fiction I’ve ever read. Where can I get more like it?”

Haven’t you ever read a novel where you couldn’t connect with the characters? Something was missing, some human element, they didn’t feel real? If no, you’re telling a bold face lie, a bold face lie my friend...lol! Chances are, you have, and the reason for that could have very likely been because the characters didn’t act like normal people, they were too perfect. Too…everything’s-coming-up-roses.

In my writing I like my characters to be down to Earth and flawed, like real people. To me there’s just something disingenuous about a character that, even while mad or in the heat of an argument, never says or does anything truly wrong. Even the characters anger or other heated emotions are perfect. When I read I want to feel close to the main characters, like we’d be friends if they were real, identify with them in some way. To me, when certain elements or character traits ring true in a novel it makes for a more believable happily-ever-after even if the novel is paranormal or fantasy.

So, my questions to the readers of this blog—which may possibly be one person—if you’re an author, how do you write? Are you no holds barred or do you write to please the masses? How PC is too PC? When you write do you just cut loose and see what shakes loose?

If you’re a reader, what floats your boat? Do you gravitate to writers who keep it real and open or do you prefer writers who make Julie Andrews’ happy-go-lucky everything’s-wonderful attitude in The Sound of Music look like a bout of manic depression?

My advice: whatever you do, do it well. Never let anyone stifle your creativity and never regret anything you write as long as it’s true to your style. March to the beat of your own drum, especially if you’re the only one who can hear it.

In the great words of Madonna: “Express yourself don’t repress yourself.”

Peace, love and chocolate cake.

~Ramblings of the queen of open-mouth-insert-foot...

The Pied Piper
(Will dance a jig for comments :-) )

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