Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Aww…It’s Sunday once again, and thankfully, I have all my tires this week. Thank you to everyone who continues to come by week after week to keep up with my Six Sentences. I may not be able to thank everyone individually, but let me tell you…you rock! Hard. I love comments.

This week we’re still inside Chris’s POV in Dearly Beloved and we pick up right where we left off after Renée drops the chair on her foot.
Before either guessed the other’s intentions it was too late. Grabbing the back of the chair between them, Renée reached out to steady herself at that exact moment Chris reached to pull it out for her. Their hands touched and eyes locked. Something that can only be described as an electrical current or a shock hit Chris.

He’d never felt anything like it before, it was as if everything about him shot out and into her and vice versa. If she didn’t already own him before, she definitely owned him now, that one touch branded him for all eternity.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Okay, party people in the house… What’s shakin’ everybody? It’s Sunday again. I hope everyone had a fantastic week. Mine sucked; someone stole the tires off my car. I know…don’t say anything. It’s too painful; the wound is still very fresh. So, in hopes of speeding along the healing process, let’s get to this Sunday’s six sentences, shall we? J

Today we jump ahead a bit in Dearly Beloved. We’re still in Chris’s POV, but we’re going to fast forward to one of his first intense interactions with Renée. Unfortunately, this happens at 1am in the kitchen, after she’s had a panic attack, late night snack, and frustrating confrontation with Chris, which leads to her dropping a chair on her foot.  

Trying hard not to laugh at her hopping around, Chris rushed around the table and picked up the chair. “Smooth move, Ex-Lax,” bending down, he reached to examine her toe.

 “Keep your hands off me, I don’t need your help,” Renée shouted, moving backwards so fast she nearly fell off balance due to her hurt, lifted, foot.

Chris watched, fighting the smile threatening to upturn the corners of his mouth at the sight of, too cute Renée, attempting to avoid his touch. Like him, she probably knew one touch would be all it took to change their relationship. Something he severely counted on.
That’s all she wrote folks. Will Renée ever succumb to Chris? We shall see next week. Until then, check out other wonderful authors Six Sentences at Again, thank you to everyone who takes time to comment. It means the world to me. You rock—hard!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Whoa! Sunday again. The weeks are going by far too fast. But, since it’s here, and there’s nothing that can be done about it, let’s power through. First, thanks to everyone who comes to my blog and reads and comments faithfully. It means the world to me. Second, thanks for taking time to visit on the anniversary of a great tragedy for our country. My heart and prayers go out to all those who lost someone and or felt the impact of that day. And third, it’s time for Six Sentence Sunday…!

Keeping with the trend of the last two weeks, this week’s snippet is from my one and only Contemporary IR Dearly Beloved. Until now we’ve been following our heroine, Renee, as she fights her attraction to our hero, Chris, her older brother’s best friend. This week we pick up where we left off last week with Renee still refusing to allow Chris into her house, but in Chris’s POV.

Chris tried to talk himself out of coming here with Drew—he did really! He wanted to be the good selfless friend Drew needed, but in the end, he was Chris. And Chris wasn’t known for his patience, but he’d given the ever mercurial Renée five years to run from their mounting attraction, what they could have, and he could wait no more. He even went as far as to stay with his grandparents in Flagstaff for over a year so he wasn’t tempted to cross the line before she could handle a relationship with him. But now, age was no longer a factor and neither of them was dating anyone—although, her seeing someone wouldn’t have mattered, he’d take her from whoever dared to touch her. See, he didn’t want to merely date her, he wanted her—completely.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, hey there, hi there, ho there everybody! I hope your weekend has been wonderful and I’m sure it’s getting better, considering most people have Monday off—Yes! Anyhoot, I just wanted to thank everyone who stops in regularly and comments on my Six Sentence Sunday posts. It means the world to me. Although I don’t get to respond to everyone individually, know you’re in my gratitude.

This week I’m continuing with excerpts from Dearly Beloved my one and only IR Contemporary Romance. This clip picks up with Renée’s not so grudging scrutiny of her brother’s best friend Christopher after they arrive at her home.

As always, Chris stood sure of himself: tall and straight with his broad shoulders back, absurdly large, muscular arms crossed over a wide lickable chest. No. Not lickable, disgusting, his absurdly large, muscular arms crossed over a wide lick—disgusting chest. Shit!

Standing must be making her light headed. It had to be because Hell would freeze over, thaw out, and then freeze over again before she licked his chest. Half the Arizona female population had licked that chest and she’d be damned if she got added to his roster.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poetry For The Week From The Pied Piper

Ugly On The Inside

Outside I may seem put together and so strong.

Everyone in the world sees this too, so how could they be wrong?

Perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place.

Make-up immaculate on a brown skinned Botticelli face.

But, inside alone is all that I am. At times it’s all I think I’ll ever be.

Yet, everyone asks, “How could a girl so beautiful be lonely?”

As if there could ever be an answer that would suffice.

As if I haven’t asked myself the same question once or twice.

Was I not enough?

Did I not give to the poor?

Is this eternal solitude a wish made by an enemy with an unsettled score?

If only everyone would stop and peer into my eyes, look deep.

Maybe they’d find the biggest secret I keep.

So, next time we’re together and you say goodbye…

Stare, you’ll notice I’m trying hard not to cry.

Peer under the make-up, the nice clothes, the hair.

Because that’s where it’s laid out bare:

The wounded soul of a lonely woman…who just wanted someone to care.

~Wilt Reese