Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poetry For The Week From The Pied Piper

Ugly On The Inside

Outside I may seem put together and so strong.

Everyone in the world sees this too, so how could they be wrong?

Perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place.

Make-up immaculate on a brown skinned Botticelli face.

But, inside alone is all that I am. At times it’s all I think I’ll ever be.

Yet, everyone asks, “How could a girl so beautiful be lonely?”

As if there could ever be an answer that would suffice.

As if I haven’t asked myself the same question once or twice.

Was I not enough?

Did I not give to the poor?

Is this eternal solitude a wish made by an enemy with an unsettled score?

If only everyone would stop and peer into my eyes, look deep.

Maybe they’d find the biggest secret I keep.

So, next time we’re together and you say goodbye…

Stare, you’ll notice I’m trying hard not to cry.

Peer under the make-up, the nice clothes, the hair.

Because that’s where it’s laid out bare:

The wounded soul of a lonely woman…who just wanted someone to care.

~Wilt Reese

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