Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Pied Writer

Turn Off The Lights...and Light A Candle

Hey there my groovy fan. Or is it fans now? Are there two? Awesome...! Praise the Lord and pass the panties.

Anywho, enough about that. I'm writing today because I am totally and completely stuck. Writing those extra randy scenes is a tricky business.

My question to other writers: did you ever blush and giggle like a school girl while writing your sexy time scenes?

I sure do. I'm seriously sitting in front of my computer giggling like it's the first time I heard the word...dare I say it? Penis. He..hee...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Pied Writer

I. Just. Can’t. Do It. Captain…. I don’t Have The Power…
Why, hell-looo fans of the Pied Writer. I know what you’re thinking, “Today’s not Wednesday its Tuesday.” And, thanks to Rebecca Black, we’ll all forever know exactly what day of the week it is.
Please God don’t let it be…“’Friday…Friday. Gotta get up on, Friday…’”
This is a special edition of The Pied Writer. I figured you all deserved one given the fact that I’ve been slacking on my pimping lately.
N-E-Wayz—hey, check my spelling? And I fancy myself a writer. He-he.—today I’m talking about brain farts. We all have them, those times when the words are on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t get them out. Or, better yet, those times when you’re literally mid-sentence and totally forget what you were writing, or God forbid, saying.